The Engage MK Network was a partnership project between Community Action: MK and​ the ​Safer MK​ network​.

The aim of​ Engage MK was to provide support, share best practice and connect community​ ​workers across Milton Keynes. We did this by running a series of workshops and events for​ ​community groups, volunteers and front-line staff who support MK’s residents.​ Our events included:

  • Community Networking Events​ –  ​Supporting​ ​people to make connections and share best practice.
  • Workshops​ ​to up-skill PCSOs​ ​and community safety staff on the range of issues​ ​relevant to their work with communities.
  • Interactive workshops​ ​to up-skill local Neighbourhood Action Groups​ and Residents Associations to share their​ ​experiences and knowledge of community work.

The Project was run in Partnership With




  1. Thanks everyone for attending the #EngageMK event on 1st of December, which focused on community engagement barriers and techniques, including using technology. What do you think about our ‘Top Tips’ document (see on the side bar of this page), which summarizes what we have discussed? Any other key tips?

  2. Hi everyone – I really enjoyed the EngageMK networking event. It was especially useful for me as I work just over the border in South Northants.

    It was interesting to hear from other not-for-profit groups that the pressures on transport and successful outreach are on your radar as well as mine. Please don’t forget, if our 16-passenger seater Community Minibus or our Outreach vehicle (the “RIC” – Rural Information Centre”) can help you then do please contact me? See and the Minibus and Village Networks links for more info or email me at

    Hopefully meet up again soon,

    Nick King
    07910 175223

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