MK Futures Connectors Group

Community Action: MK has recently kicked off a really exciting project which is all about connecting ‘ordinary’ residents with the Six Big Projects that are going to shape Milton Keynes as we plan for the year 2050. 


The first Connectors 2050 meeting was held in Acorn House on Monday 24 July 2017. This was the first meeting of a series of four in which community connectors will find out about the MK Futures 2050 project and receive information to take to their communities in order to influence and shape the future of Milton Keynes.


The Connectors discussed three of the Big Six Projects namely MK:U, A New University for Milton Keynes, Renaissance:CMK and The Creative And Cultured City. Feedback from the Connectors was gathered about each of these projects and can be read at the links below.

Full Notes of MK Futures 2050 Connectors_Meeting 1


The second Connectors meeting will take place on Tuesday 10th October. At this meeting the Connectors will be exploring the ‘Smart, Shared and Sustainable Mobility’ Project. In particular we will be discussing ways and generating ideas on how transport can play a part in achieving the ambitions Milton Keynes has for growth and reducing inequality. I you haven’t been involved in the Connectors 2050 project before, but would like to join us at the meeting, please e-mail our project team on:

What is the MK Futures Connectors Group?

The MK Futures Connectors Group is a two year stakeholder engagement programme to underpin the MK Futures 2050 work. The group will engage local community groups, representing a diverse range of people, to ensure as wide a participation in the programme as possible.

What is a Connector?

A Connector is somebody who can represent the views and ideas of their community, feed these into the MK Futures Connectors Group and communicate information and feedback back out to the group.

What is involved in being a Connector?

You will come along to 4 events over the course of 12- 18 months, starting in July 2017, and ‘connect’ a community. The community can be: – a community of people with something in common, for example, a group of people who are carers, or share an interest in a sport, or a group of young people or – a community of place e.g. people who all live in a residential home, or on part of an estate You will have to be prepared to listen hard to the Project Leads, and to put forward questions and ideas from the community you represent, and then to take back new things you have learned and have a discussion with the people you represent (your constituents). In this way YOU will connect lots of people to all these exciting projects and YOU will connect all the Project Leads to a wider range of ideas and comments to help them make the best decisions and plans.

To find out more about the Connectors group and how to get involved please email

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