We’ve been helping citizen’s projects come to life through Our MK, a crowdsourcing website to share ideas, volunteer to help projects, and connect with experts. You can join in by visiting www.ourmk.org.


This project came to a close in June 2017 but lives on the in form of a new crowdfunding page on Our MK! 

Take a look at the Our MK project page to find out more.


One of the contracts Community Action: MK has recently delivered is for the MK:Smart project. MK:Smart brings together data, enterprise and communities to transform energy, transport and water use in Milton Keynes.

Community Action: MK worked along side the Open University and Graymatter to collect ideas from people across the city. We have held workshops, visited communities and connected with voluntary and community groups. We recorded over 900 conversations with people across the city, and have heard all kinds of ideas from text alerts if your bus is running late, to a school workshop to teach kids about their energy and water use.

Find out about the Our MK Citizen’s Projects below…

1. MK Food Passport Scheme & Independent Food Forum 
– Read our end of project story


2. £ssential Savings Digital Pop Up Shop 
– Read our end of project story


3. Off Grid Domestic Lighting

4. Allotment Borehole

5. Go Breastfeeding MK App

6. Community Computing Literacy

7. Centre MK Beacon Navigation for Visually Impaired

8. Gamification of Redways
9. Redways Network Videos

10. School Water Week & Student Group

11. Redways Reporting App

What we’ve been doing throughout the project…


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