Our Cquickchat-logoommunity Mobiliser’s main role in a community is engagement, they are good at talking with people and finding out what they are thinking and feeling. They are in touch with what is on people’s minds and what is a priority in communities.

Using QuickChat we are able to collate and analyse that information and turn it into intelligence which informs what we do and provides important information for our stakeholders and partners.

Find out more in this video by Graymatter Ltd about the QuickChat Dialogue App:


How do we record dialogue?

  1. Have a conversation
  2. Record dialogue from that conversation into the App
  3. Review and analyse dialogues including info such as Top themes, Demographics & Trends
  4. Report on the key information gathered to local stakeholders.

The Benefits to the Community & to our work:

  • Gives local people a voice!
  • Live/Up to date Community Intelligence
  • Builds a picture over time
  • Trends can be identified
  • Can influence local provisions to meet actual needs
  • Helps evidence impact – represents information/data about delivery for Commissioners or to support funding applications
  • Can find out about focus topics as well as people’s priorities

and the Practical Benefits:

  • Easily collected and stored in one place
  • Quick and easy to use in the field
  • Quick Surveys
  • Target gaps in demographic


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