We work with new housing developments in Milton Keynes as part of our Strengthening Communities work to enable strong communities to grow and thrive, fostering connections and enabling collaboration to happen within these communities in order for them to thrive.

We support and work alongside residents and local emerging groups within these new communities, as well as the wider residents of Milton Keynes to connect with ongoing plans for growth, to ensure all voices are heard at the right decision-making levels. We communicate with the those in new communities and the voluntary sector to ensure they are kept up to date with all short and long term plans.

Our aim is to bring people together within their communities to encourage to enable connection and to promote collaborative action in their communities. To view what type of work we have been doing previously in a variety of different communities and projects, view our past projects page here.

If you’d like to learn more about our new communities, please visit our page here.

Our work work is underpinned by the community development principles. In practice, we:

  • Offer help to set up new community groups and projects
  • Make and foster connections between residents, voluntary groups and other key local agencies. Partnership working and collaboration are at the heart of our work!
  • We provide volunteering support and encourage people to volunteer in their communities and across Milton Keynes
  • We share information and resources about the key developments and encourage residents to have their say about the local plans, and consultations.