Refugee Response & Resources:

Community Action: MK is working hard to support those fleeing conflict, violence and prejudice around the world and welcome people who chose to make Milton Keynes their home. We have compiled a list of resources for groups and organisations supporting refugees and asylum seekers living in Milton Keynes and across the UK.

Local Organisations:

  • Welcome MK – Charity dedicated to supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Milton Keynes.
  • Sanctuary Hosting – Housing charity supporting refugees and asylum seekers find safe housing in Milton Keynes
  • Foodbank Xtra – Providing food to people in need in Milton Keynes
  • MK Community Foundation – Offering small grant funding for groups supporting refugees & asylum seekers in Milton Keynes.
  • Safety Centre – Provided a ‘Hazard Alley’ experience for newly arrived families.
  • Community Action: MK Signposting Channels – Signpost list to groups and organisations in Milton Keynes.

National Organisations:


Health Care & Mental Health Support:


  • Sanctuary Foundation – Free e-learning course for people supporting refugees & people seeking asylum (including hosts for Homes for Ukraine Government scheme).

Government Policies/Schemes:

To see resources dedicated to the specific refugee campaigns, please visit our dedicated pages below: