Volunteer Opportunity of the Week, Youth Education Volunteer

This week’s opportunity involves leading interactive workshops with 10-19 year olds. Read on for more about this varied and dynamic role!

Who are The British Red Cross?

The British Red Cross helps millions of people in the UK and around the world to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies, disasters and conflicts. Their volunteers and staff help people in crisis to live independently by providing support at home, mobility aids and transport. They also teach first aid skills and are part of the global Red Cross and Red Crescent humanitarian network. 

Youth Education Volunteer Role

The British Red Cross needs volunteers to lead interactive workshops for young people to build on their humanitarian values and to develop their personal, social, emotional skills.

Some workshops will be about migration. You will challenge assumptions about migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, help them to develop empathy about migrants’ motives for moving and understand the obstacles they face in their new homes.

Other workshops will focus on first aid. You will help them learn skills so that they can use the everyday objects around them to help when someone is injured or ill.

You will get the satisfaction of developing young people’s skills and abilities and seeing them grow in confidence.

For all the details and how to apply:


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Volunteer Opportunity of the Week, SOFEA Warehouse Assistants

Read on to find out more about our Volunteer Opportunity of the Week, a chance to help tackle both food poverty and food waste.

What is SOFEA?

SOFEA is an education, training, employability, and well-being charity for young people. They  run two large food redistribution operations in partnership with FareShare in Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes that support 150 charities and vulnerable communities across the Thames Valley. 

The Warehouse Assistant Role

The role involves selecting food from the warehouse to fulfil requests by local charities and vulnerable groups. This food is surplus supplied by Tesco, Waitrose, Asda and others, thus reducing food waste and reducing poverty.

For more information and how to apply: https://bit.ly/SOFEAVol

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Safety Centre (Hazard Alley) are seeking a Trustee Treasurer

Who are the Safety Centre (Hazard Alley)?

Established in 1992, the Safety Centre (Hazard Alley) Ltd is the world’s first interactive, immersive, and memorable safety education charity, spearheading the need to provide safety education to children, young people, and adults across the region. Their geographical patch includes Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Milton Keynes, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and beyond. 

They provide high quality interactive, immersive, and memorable safety education and training to children, young people and adults, teaching them how to stay safe, understand risks and avoid accidents using realistic learning experiences.

 The charity’s vision is to see a society where all children, young people and adults have access to interactive, immersive, and memorable safety education and training, enabling safe and flourishing communities


The Safety Centre is governed by a Board of Trustees.  The Trustees are volunteers and are appointed to the board for a three-year term (renewable). They have ultimate responsibility for the sound professional, legal, and financial management of the charity and they set and monitor the strategic direction of the Safety Centre. 

The Safety Centre plays a significant role in delivering safety education across the region and it is important the Board represents and reflects the community it serves. 

The Safety Centre is a Company and a Charity and therefore its Trustees are also Company Directors.  The Board meets four times a year with most meetings taking place on the afternoon of a working day.  

You may be asked to attend other meetings and charity events occasionally. 


  • Keeping Trustees informed about their financial duties and responsibilities and support interpreting financial data to trustees 
  • Acting as the leading interface between Trustees and Chief Executive on financial matters 
  • Maintaining strong relationships with the Chair and Chief Executive acting as a sounding board when required 
  • Monitoring the Safety Centre’s financial governance ensuring financial practice is legal, constitutional and within accepted accounting practice 
  • Ensuring that the charity applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objectives 


  • Experience of strategic and/or operational financial management/leadership 
  • Previous experience of working at Board level is desirable
  • Understanding of charitable governance structures is desirable but not essential as full induction will be provided
  • Commitment towards the main aims and purposes of the Safety Centre
  • Inclusive and collegiate approach to Trustee-ship 

To apply for the Treasurer Trustee Vacancy in the first instance please contact Derek Prior trustee@safetycentre.co.uk / 07557 261518. 

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Guest Blog – Children Heard and Seen

Thank you to Children Head and Seen for joining us and sharing this blog. Children Heard and Seen are a charity based in Oxford who support children affected by parental imprisonment. They are a vital charity that offers much needed help, activities and community to families who are often ignored and forgotten. Please take a read and find out more about their work, impact and the experiences of the children. Children Heard and Seen work across MK so do reach out to find out more.

A bit about our ‘WHY’…

Estimates suggest 312,000 children are affected by parental imprisonment in the UK. There is no government funded support for these children and no mechanism to identify them. Children are separated from their parent, often in traumatic circumstances, and left to cope with no professional support. Older children are often left to care for younger children, unidentified and alone.

“Before accessing the support from Children Heard and Seen our family wasn’t supported by anything or anyone”

“I was really shocked. I thought before court or after court I’d get a phone call from someone. I don’t know. Maybe someone from social services, not to judge or interfere with our family life, but to be there to offer support. I was really shocked because there’s nothing. Absolutely nothing. You’re just left to deal with it.”

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