Stantonbury Parish Council Draft Neighborhood Plan Consultation

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Residents living on Oakridge Park, Milton Keynes are being encouraged to comment on the Stantonbury Parish Council Draft Neighborhood Plan currently out for consultation.

These consultation events, giving residents an opportunity to comment on what matter to them locally, will take place during the month of March at various locations.

Click on the link for further information

Community Action: MK’s Development Officer Allison Carlton works in Oakridge Park to support residents in building community.


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Volunteering Opportunity of the Week: Destination MK Ambassadors


Destination MK is the official Destination Management Organisation for Milton Keynes – the tourism information service.

They deal daily with enquiries from members of the public, businesses, councils and organisations that visit Milton Keynes. Volunteer MK Ambassadors will enhance this service.

The Visitor Information Centre (VIC) for Milton Keynes and the surrounding area was opened in July 2015 and is situated in the centre:mk to one side of John Lewis. The VIC is available for all visitors to call in and find out information about Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas and they are already getting visitors not just from MK and other local towns, but from right across the world.

As the VIC is still in its infancy the level of visitors is still quite low and can vary from 8 people in a day to 40. They are doing all they can to improve their visibility to increase visitor levels and their volunteers are involved in developing ideas for this to happen.

They are looking for volunteers who are patient, personable, reliable, customer-friendly, and computer-literate. They must have at least an enthusiastic interest in Milton Keynes and be committed to undertaking a very steep learning curve to gain information about its attractions, hotels, transport links, history, heritage, culture, and everything that the city means to its visitors.

Opening hours are from 10 am to 5 pm Mondays to Saturday, with a morning shift from 10 am to 1.30 pm and afternoon from 1.30 pm to 5 pm. On Sundays the opening times are 11.30 am to 3.30 pm which can be one or two shifts. The plan is to have two people for all shifts.

Read more and apply here.


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Community Life: Perma Blitz at Westbury Farm


Are you keen to get outside now the days are lengthening? Intrigued by the sound of a Perma Blitz? Join a friendly group at Westbury Farm this Sunday.

As the first meeting of 2018, this is an opportunity to get the project kicked off with a group agreed plan. It’s a “Bring and Share” event in both name and nature, so please bring your positive ideas and a food snack to share with the group.

This meet-up is all about connecting with like-minded people over a few hours of interesting discussion, activity in the garden and some lunch nibbles:

  • Sharing ideas, (food) and experiences
  • Shaping the future of the project and the plot
  • Tidying up and starting work in the garden

Your donations to the project and plot are gratefully received whether you’re volunteering your time or material contributions.

There is a current need for these items so please feel free to donate as much as you can:

  • brown cardboard (for compost and mulch)
  • compost material (green or brown organic material)
  • carpet (made from natural material/wool) – to cover the soil
  • tarpaulin/ plastic sheeting – to cover the soil
  • Cloche and cold-frame material (to help us make some cloches/ cold frames!)
  • Wood – for bedding material, raised beds, and ultimately a garden shed!
  • Compost bin signs – for inside and outside reminders 

The practical activity in the garden


The garden activities are focused on developing a vegetable plot using permaculture principles; bringing people together to help each other grow, learn and feel closer to the natural world. However, it’s early days for the project, so volunteer activities will revolve around developing the soil, planting beds, composting and capturing rainwater initially.

We envisage the activity list evolving like this:

  • Sheet/lasagna mulching to extend the flower beds
  • Cutting back grass, nettles, brambles etc
  • Covering the beds with tarpaulin, carpet etc
  • Maintaining the compost heaps – especially adding all our new coffee grounds
  • Making signs for the composting areas – inside & out
  • Creating rainwater capture & dispersal points – water butts, irrigation hoses etc.
  • Building cold-frames and cloches
  • Building raised beds (to go beside the barn)
  • Planting fruit trees and small shrubs
  • Developing seedlings for planting out
  • Planting perennials – like comfrey beside the compost bins
  • Planting in guilds
  • Creating plant (public info) signs
  • Pruning
  • Mulching – cut and drop, sheet etc
  • Picking, Eating, Sharing – food, knowledge and recipes

Everyone is welcome to join in.

To find out more or confirm your attendance please contact Planting Up or email:

Tools, guidance, drinks and a friendly atmosphere provided.

What you need to bring:

  • Snacks and nibbles for everyone to share
  • Please wear old clothes and suitable footwear appropriate for the season
  • Please bring your own gardening gloves, especially with children
  • Please bring some basic gardening tools to use and anything you can contribute to mulch and compost

See more on the Planting Up website.

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Jobs in the Voluntary Sector: Growing People Horticultural Social Enterprise Workers


Growing People 

Horticultural Social Enterprise Workers

Job type: Permanent Full-time, Term-time and Part-time posts

Salary: £16,000-16,500 pa pro rata

This position requires an enhanced DBS check

Job Purpose

To be a part of the Growing People team:

Running our Urb Farm, a grassroots community enterprise developing local food growing and healthy eating in an urban environment;

Supporting our Forest School education programme;

Engaging young people and other members of the community in the growing of the enterprise.

This is a hands-on role growing fruit, salad and vegetables on our Urban Farm alongside young people, some with challenging behaviours.


Growing People is our urban horticultural enterprise that works with young people to explore sustainable, local community alternatives to growing food. It will do this by:

Growing great food and other produce in urban contexts, using environmentally sensitive techniques, to sell within our local communities

Growing people, with a focus on supporting young people towards employment

Growing community by bringing people together around growing, eating and celebrating food

Growing People also hosts the Learning Tree, our Forest School enterprise on the Urb Farm.

Key requirements

You will have a good selection of the following:

A passion for and knowledge of Horticulture

A horticulture qualification or Experience of commercial growing

Experience of Forest School or woodland activities

A desire to engage people, particularly young people in growing food locally

Experience of working with young people with Special Educational Needs and challenging behaviour

Ability to manage administrative systems

Creative and good at problem solving

Current driving licence

Strong team work skills

Good literacy, numeracy and ICT skills

To apply for this post please send a CV to

The closing date for applications will be midday on Monday, 26 February 2018

Growing People is a social enterprise of MK Christian Foundation Ltd. Registered Charity No. 293546

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