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We are encouraged to always try and talk about our mental health. But with so many different aspects impacting our mental health, especially during the global pandemic we all find ourselves in, information about mental health can become quite overwhelming. Our wonderful colleague, Sue, has put together a simplified summary of different parts of our mental health and how we’ve recognised it as an organisation, as well as some useful signposts for your interest.

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Give Your Mind a Minute this World Mental Health Day (10th October 2020)

Welcome to this update from MK Yis’ Wellbeing Champions. 

World Mental Health Day is fast approaching, this is a day when the world comes together to raise awareness of mental health and mental illness. The theme for this year is around greater investment and greater access. This comes at a time when we are experiencing the unprecedented impact of the global health emergency due to Covid-19 and the impact that this is having on the mental health of many

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Collaborative Action Groups: What have we learned and where are we heading?

The Collaborative Action Groups we are facilitating are still going steady, despite the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in. We are making the most of new, virtual ways of working and trying to develop more opportunities to communicate, and engage with groups and communities to support connections and joint work across MK where possible.

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Collaborative Action Groups: The Story So Far…

We started our new Collaborative Action Groups project a few weeks ago, which has been made possible thanks to the funding from MK Community Foundation and their Covid-19 MK Emergency Response Fund.

The project follows our own Covid-19 emergency response programme, which we have been working on since the start of the pandemic, which includes supporting our local VCSE groups with funding, governance and other needs to help them adapt to the new reality of working, and coordinating a bank of volunteers to support them deliver their services during these challenging times. Creating a network of Collaborative Actions Groups across the city is the approach we wanted to take following our
conversations with the local groups over the past few months as well as the findings from our Covid-19 survey, in which many of the groups have told us about the urgent need to create better ways of accessing and sharing information about the local needs and the issues being experienced by the most vulnerable people in our community.

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Volunteering: What’s it like?

Volunteering is a great way to give back. The act of volunteering itself reaches not only the organisation and their beneficiaries, but creates a domino effect of reaching people who hear about acts of volunteering, regarding their kindness as emotionally uplifting; it reaches those near and dear to those in need; and it reaches YOU.

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